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A good steel tape measures

Views:0     Author:Henan Winway Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd     Publish Time: 2018-11-24      Origin:Henan Winway Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd

Tape measure is often used in our measurement tools, whether you are measuring carpentry or building surveying, a handy measure tape to make your work more effective.


Steel tape main parts are: blade, case, hook, carrying strap, spring, these parts of the material and assembly processes determine the merits of a measuring tape and life.

1. Blade

 Ruler with a thickness of 50 # steel 0.1-0.11mm, after special surface treatment was certain arc ---- do nickel or chrome painting ---- cutting a length scale printed after binding ruler hook.

Quality requirements: scale printing clear, with a blade surface no scratches, no rust. Pull out and winding blade should be light and flexible, without jamming.

Wear standard: after painting by blade with no 8KG Emery constantly washed sand surface after graduation wear off phenomenon.

2. Case.

Plastic ruler case material is ABS material

Metal ruler case surface character, a mark should be clear and complete.

Foot shell plating shall be subject to 24h neutral salt spray test, corrosion protection rating of not less than five.

The shape of the case and accessories shall not interfere with the measurement.

The assembled tape should be solid and reliable, with telescopic foot flexible, reliable braking operation, easy to operate.


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